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Extra incentives offered to United Steelworker members through ExxonMobil's latest proposal set to expire Monday

It has been six months since almost 600 ExxonMobil workers were locked out of the downtown facility.

BEAUMONT, Texas — ExxonMobil’s latest amended proposal is still on the table for locked out employees, however certain incentives offered with it are set to expire Monday.  

The proposal incentives that could expire if not agreed upon include a $500 ratification bonus, elimination of wage increases for any employees in 2021, and the right to grieve or arbitrate employee resignations.

It has been six months since almost 600 ExxonMobil workers were locked out of the downtown facility in May of 2021. For six months, locked out employees have picketed, protested and gone without pay.

The company’s latest amended offer was proposed in September of 2021, when company and union officials met for the 50th time. The company said certain incentives will no longer apply to their latest offer if the deal is not approved.

Officials with ExxonMobil said the offer provided further support to their represented employees’ concerns about security and seniority, while still reaching the company’s objectives of a safe, reliable operation and a profitable site.

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Company officials also said the new offer maintained pay raises for most of their employees, as well previously included benefits such as vacation protection, increased paid parental time off, and National Oil Bargaining Pattern side letters.

Exxon's offer was rejected by union members in a Tuesday, October 19 vote. Union officials stated the offer did not address the seniority and job security promises they want for their members.

A representative of the union previously told 12NewsNow that the $500 bonuses were not good enough.

“You know the $500 ratification bonus is, kind of, a slap in the face at this point,” Bryan Gross, USW representative said.

Union members knew the incentives would run out before they overwhelmingly rejected the company’s latest over, Gross said. Union representatives said they will continue to help union members struggling to make ends meet until a solution is reached.

ExxonMobil and USW officials are still meeting and negotiating in an attempt to come to an agreement. The latest meeting was Monday.

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