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Jefferson County Commissioners discuss Ford Park contract extension with Spectra

County Auditor Patrick Swain said an existing five-and-a-half-year contract with Spectra will expire in September.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Jefferson County Commissioners met with Spectra representatives Tuesday to discuss the future of Ford Park and a possible five-year extension of a contract with the company.

Spectra has managed the facility for the county since 2017.

(Editor's Note: The video above is from a March 29, 2022 newscast)

County Auditor Patrick Swain said an existing five-and-a-half-year contract with Spectra and Ford Park will expire in September.

Part of the existing contract with Spectra spells out the amount of money that would be owed to Spectra if the county were to sell the venue and cancel the agreement with Spectra. This would not change if a new deal is signed.

A Spectra representative gave commissioners a rundown of recent events held at Ford Park including the YMBL South Texas State Fair, the Globetrotters, and a Reptile Expo. He also mentioned a recent merger of Spectra and the Oak View Group.  He said the merger helps Spectra lure sports events.

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The Spectra representative said they are not seeking any changes to the existing contract, just an extension.

No action was taken at the end of the workshop. Any decisions made would have to take place in an upcoming County Commissioners meeting.

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Negotiations between county commissioners and Spectra representatives come weeks after the $22 million sale of Ford Park fell through with the Renaissance Development Group.

Jefferson County Commissioners unanimously voted to void the sale of Ford Park after the development group missed a series of payment deadlines for the purchase of Ford Park. The Tuesday, March 29, vote was to "formally cancel the contract for the sale of Ford Park for default by purchase." 

The Jefferson County Commissioner's Court met March 22, 2022 to consider replacing a cooling tower valued roughly at $205,000 at Ford Park. A week later, county commissioners decided not to take any action surrounding repairs at the facility.

Swain told 12News several new potential buyers have expressed interest in buying the park, but no one has been publicly announced.

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