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Closer Look: Man fatally shot during alleged robbery of Port Arthur restaurant had served time for armed robbery

A background check revealed Richardo Guient, 33, was convicted in 2009 for an armed robbery that took place in 2008.

PORT ARTHUR, Texas — Detectives are releasing more information about a Port Arthur man who died after he was shot by an armed citizen during one of two armed robberies in which he was allegedly involved.  

Guient is one of two men accused of an armed robbery at the Port Arthur fast-food restaurant on Friday, Oct. 1.

Port Arthur Police responded to the report of an aggravated robbery around 8:45 p.m. at a Church's Chicken restaurant.

Detectives learned two people with handguns were robbing the restaurant when an armed citizen intervened, according to Port Arthur Police.

Several shots were fired and both suspects were injured before they left the scene. The two were later located by Port Arthur Police.

Guient was later identified as one of the suspects. He was pronounced dead by a health official, and the other suspect is expected to be OK.

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Port Arthur Police believe Guient was also the suspect of an aggravated robbery at a Jack In The Box fast-food restaurant in Port Arthur on September 29, 2021. The fast-food restaurant is located at 4001 Twin City Highway. 

Detectives said he entered the business with a handgun and began demanding money from employees. After receiving approximately $200, Guient allegedly left the business on foot. Port Arthur Police arrived minutes later and were unable to locate the suspect.

The clothing Guient was wearing during the Church's Chicken robbery matched the suspect's clothing at the Jack In The Box robbery, according to the Port Arthur Police Department. Detectives believe he acted alone in the Jack In The Box robbery.

"The armed suspect in both robberies had on identical gloves with unique markings, the same hooded sweatshirt, and distinct facial features which were clearly viewed on surveillance video," the release says.

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A background check shows Richardo Guient, 33, was convicted in 2009 for an armed robbery that took place in 2008. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for that robbery and for four counts of delivery of a controlled substance.

He was also arrested in the early 2000s for crimes in Bexar County.

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