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New Entergy power plant in Orange County to supply power to 230,000 homes, pending approval

The company said it's focused on long-term sustainability and local growth.

ORANGE COUNTY, Texas — Entergy is moving forward with plans to build a new and improved power station in Orange County.

The company said it's focused on long-term sustainability and local growth. The facility could power close to 230,000 homes.

The company wants to replace its current facility which generates electricity from gas only. The new power plant would be driven by natural gas and hydrogen.

If Entergy gets final approval, a 1200-megawatt plant will soon sit in Orange County.

“We're excited to announce that we're pursuing our next large investment in generation for Entergy Texas customers,” said Stuart Barrett, the vice president of customer service.

Barrett with Entergy said the Bridge City plant will be called Orange County Advanced Power Station.

Entergy's waiting on certification from the Public Utility Commission of Texas that comes later this year and construction could follow.

“When you think about the capacity, the size of that plant, it could serve up to 230,000 homes when you're talking," Barrett said. "How big is that plant? Right?"

People who live nearby don't have a problem with an improved plant as long as it doesn't intrude.

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“As long as they stay in their little neighborhood, I’m really not worried about it as long as they’re not in my backyard. I don't think it will be an issue," a nearby resident named Robert Hufstetler previously told 12News.

Entergy wants the new plant to tap into two fuel sources.

It would have dual-fuel capabilities meaning it will co-fire both natural gas and hydrogen in one day.

“As we work to achieve our sustainability goals, and the country works to achieve sustainability goals in decarbonization low emissions. Hydrogen is a fuel that has the potential to do that,” Barrett said.

Another neat addition this plant will bring is the economic activity associated with the construction.

“So, estimates are $1.8 billion of economic activity. Direct jobs associated with the construction are about 7,000,” Barrett said.

Once the plant is built and commercial operations, it will have around 27 permanent jobs associated with it.

Entergy said the goal is to have this project complete by the summer of 2026. That's if they get approval from the state later this year.

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