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Indy Edge are the 2022 National Beep World Series Champions

Indy Edge defeat San Antonio Jets, 19-8, to claim title.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Beep baseball team from across the country have reached the end of their time in Beaumont as the Indy Edge defeat the San Antonio Jets, 19-8, in the final game of the series.

In case you forgot, in beep baseball players wear blinders so no one player has an advantage over another. The players have to follow the beeping ball to make a hit and also field the ball.

In the championship game, the San Antonio Jets were coming off a win against the Austin Blackhawks.

The Jets were trailing behind the Edge 19-8 with one batter left. San Antonio hits the ball up the middle where it bounced to centerfield. The Edge fought for the grab and put out the runner to become the 2022 National Beep Baseball World Series Champions.

The Jets took the runner-up spot in the series and the Austin Blackhawks finished in third.

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