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Parents calling for change, transparency after viral video showed Vidor students using racial slur

The students involved were suspended and, "won't be seen on campus for quite a long time."

VIDOR, Texas — Parents are raising concerns and calling for change and transparency after a video showed students from a Vidor high school using a racial slur.

(Editor’s note: 12News chose not to release the video because of its graphic nature.)

Students, parents and Vidor Independent School District administrators met on Monday to have an open dialogue about the now viral video. The meeting was held to discuss what could be done to heal the wounds.      

“Disappointed is a mild word to describe how we felt when we saw it,” a Vidor parent said.

About 15 parents gathered at the Vidor Administrative Building to discuss the disappointment they felt after seeing the video. Parents want to make sure an incident such as this does not happen again.

"We have to do something. We can't just talk about it,” a Vidor parent said.

Parents are saying this issue goes past political correctness.

“If you think it's political you missed the boat. This is a moral issue,” an attendee said.

Superintendent Jay Killgo and Vidor High School Principal James McDowell invited parents to come to the table to talk about what should be done.

Christina and Rue Correia have children who attend Vidor ISD. Christina Correia said she emailed Killgo immediately after seeing the video.

“I wanted them to be able to look at their students and address the serious issues. That this is not just this video, but the common use of the word in the hallways towards friends,” Christina Correia said.

Killgo said the students involved were suspended, and "won't be seen on campus for quite a long time." A disciplinary hearing is set to take place.

Parents said they want more transparency about the students' consequences.

“It sends a message to the students,” a parent said. “It sends a message to us that it is being taken seriously. This isn't something they can say and then next week be in class.”

A number of different solutions were brought up throughout the meeting. One parent suggested changing the language in the student code of conduct.

“I do think when people are pulling it up to see, if they can see racial slurs and hate speech or something specially listed in there, which it is not, I think we can at least refer them to say it is in there. It is a bid deal. It is a serious punishment," a Vidor parent said.

School officials and parents agreed things will not change overnight, but Monday's conversation was a start.

“I really appreciate y'all for having this conversation," a parent said. "I know this has been very uncomfortable but it's worth it."

The biggest thing parents and school officials want to work on is awareness.

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