ORANGE, Texas — Yovahnis Roque, the man police believe to be responsible for the violent murder of his two year old daughter, appeared in court Wednesday with much to say. 

Roque could be heard saying to the judge, "I did not kill my daughter, I'm moving without control, I'm moving without control, please listen to me."

Roque insisted he was not responsible for the murder of his daughter, but an affidavit obtained by 12News tells a different story. 

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In it, police say when they found Roque at his house Tuesday morning, he was naked and covered in blood. He told police that he had, in fact, killed his daughter according to the document.

Roque could also be heard in the courtroom saying, "the government made me do it."

"The only thing I can add to what happened yesterday is that the two year old child was assaulted in her bedroom and the weapon of the assault was a hammer," Orange Police Captain Robert Enmon said.

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Enmon says it's a case that will haunt officers forever.

"I've been doing this for 29 years and I'll be honest with you, this is the worst case I have ever seen. This has affected a lot of the officers," Enmon said.

Sources close to the investigation tell us Roque believed there was a microchip in his daughter and he was trying to destroy it. 

"We are very confident that we have all the information we need on this case, and there is no other persons that we are looking for," Enmon said.

Roque faces a life sentence, or the death penalty, if found guilty.