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Beaumont mom and son duo ran 7 half marathons on 7 continents in 7 days

Carter and Lauren Cavett both won first place overall for their race and gender.

BEAUMONT, Texas — A mother and son duo from Beaumont ran 7 half marathons on 7 continents in 7 days as part of the 2023 World Marathon Challenge.

There are less than 220 people in the world who are part of the Intercontinental Marathon Club and Lauren and Carter Cavett represented Southeast Texas in that small group.

Carter Cavett, 13, loves to run long distance and push boundaries.

"Well, I wanted to be the youngest person to do it, but there was a different kid who ended up being a little bit younger than me, but it was just really fun to do it and I just wanted to do a crazy thing like that," Carter Cavett said.

He came across the challenge while browsing the internet and convinced his mom Lauren Cavett, who is a cross-country coach, to participate with him.

"Non-stopped talked about it for like a long time, like a few weeks and then I had started training to make her think, to let her know that I'd be able to do it," Carter Cavett said.  

They trained up to 10 miles a day for the challenge and then off they were to Cape town, South Africa. 

"Met up, there were 52 of us runners and two hand cyclists and another guy doing triathlons on all 7 continents in a weeks time," Lauren Cavett said. 

They rested on airplanes and taking in the scenery along the way.

"In Perth, Australia it was hot at first cause it was maybe 5 or 5:30, then we got the most gorgeous sunset right over the water. I mean it was just like the heavens were on display with colors," Lauren Cavett said. 

Carter Cavett says his favorite race by fare was in Cape Town.

"I just felt like cause I thought I would be like really, really sore after Antarctica and I was a little bit. I just felt really good in that race and it was one of my faster races that I did," Carter Cavett said. 

After running all around the world, the Cavett's finally reached the last leg of the marathon in Miami.

The views was breathtaking, but the terrain was tough. 

"I think just the memories together. I mean stepping onto Antarctica for the first time. I mean I never thought I'd go to Antarctica. Much less run a half marathon in blizzard conditions. There were times that we had low or no visibility up to 50 mile an hour wind gusts," Lauren Cavett said.

Credit: 12NewsNow

Carter and Lauren Cavett ran the half marathons and both won first place overall for their race and gender.

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