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Beaumont leaders have a $123M plan to fix the city's water infrastructure over five years

City leaders say that if they don't make these changes now, we won't have water in five years.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Beaumont city leaders say they have a solution for the water worries that plague the city that goes into effect October 1, 2023.

This solution will cost $123 million over the course of five years. $43 million will be spent to replace and maintain water lines during this time.

City leaders say that if they don't make these changes now, we won't have water in five years.

"The City of Beaumont's infrastructure is aging and it's aging quite a bit," said Beaumont City Manager Kenneth Williams.

The five year plan was revealed in a press conference Monday.

"Replace the old infrastructure to make sure we can provide the water services, and the sewer services in the correct parks, playgrounds for people to use," Williams said.

The plan will be pricey.

"$43,965,00 on water line replacements, and rehabilitation within the distribution system. Total projects over the next five years will focus on water total $123,225," said Beaumont Public Works Director Bart Bartkowiak.

This money will pay for upgrades to Lawson's pump station, fixing water wells, replacing waterlines and overall maintenance of Beaumont's water infrastructure.

"So we have to make sure all those components are taken care of and well kept in able to provide the water service," Williams told 12News.

The city hasn't forgotten about the brown water, they are working on a plan to address it. But you won't see it implemented for another two years.

"The design is currently 90% complete. This project is on schedule to be implemented in early 2025 and should greatly reduce discolored water within the distribution system," Bart said.

If you want to see where water lines are broken or being repaired the city has provided an interactive map.

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