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Feeling election anxiety? Here's what you can do to destress

With the election still to be decided, some are feeling anxious

BEAUMONT, Texas — The presidential election result still to-be-decided, causing stress for many Americans. 

Rita Drake, a licensed counselor at Spindletop Center, has some advice that may alleviate some of those intense feelings. 

"Anxiety about the election is real and that means you are concerned about our country," Drake said. 

She said when you start feeling too anxious or upset, unplug for a while. 

You can also: 

  • Go outside 
  • Eat healthy 
  • Read a favorite book 
  • Do something that makes you happy 
  • Pray

"Anxiety involved our thinking and our feeling and in tune with that, how our body responds," Drake said. 

There are also things to avoid, don't turn to drugs or alcohol. 

"To drown ourselves so that we can't think straight is just something we need to stay away from. It takes you down instead of bringing you up," Drake said. 

If the candidate you are supporting doesn't win, don't turn to anger. 

Instead, Drake suggests looking for ways you can be a positive force in your community. 

Perhaps, get more involved politically. 

"We live in America and that makes me hopeful no matter who the president is," Drake said. 

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