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2022 Texas midterm election voter guide

Early voting runs from Monday, October 24, 2022, through Friday, November 4, 2022.

Scott Eslinger (12NewsNow)

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Published: 3:10 PM CDT September 12, 2022
Updated: 5:36 PM CDT September 28, 2022

Voters across the state of Texas are heading to the polls on Tuesday, November 8 for the 2022 Midterm Election.

Here's information about where to vote, along with what you'll need to bring to the polls. We're also taking a look at how to vote by mail if you qualify.

On election night all results will be posted at 12NewsNow.com/elections. Below is the information you need to know as you prepare to cast your vote and head to the polls.

In Texas early-voting begins on Monday, October 24, 2022, and runs through Friday November 4, 2022.  

Keep reading for everything you need to know to cast your vote in November.

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