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Silsbee woman pleading for help to spay, neuter 26 cats before they have to be put down

Debra Bass knows she's running out of time to get the cats spayed and neutered so they can go to a shelter to be adopted.

SILSBEE, Texas — A Silsbee woman is running out of time to get rid of the majority of her 26 cats. 

Before they go to a shelter, they need to be 'fixed.'

Of the 26 cats, most of them are females, and they're having a lot of kittens. 

Their owner, Debra Bass, wants help breaking the cycle. 

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"I'm just looking for somebody to give them a good home because if not, we're going to have to put them down," Bass said. 

Debra Bass lives in Weston Place near Silsbee. 

She's been taking in stray cats for years. 

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"People just left their animals and now I actually have 26 cats," Bass said. 

Some she's had for two years, and some two months, they range from adult cats to kittens. 

Each of the 26 cats have a name. 

We run a trailer park, for the last couple of years @ people have left their fur babies @ we couldn't let them go hungry ,so we started out with 3 cats now we are up 26 cats from the age of 2 years to a week old.

"I've got twelve babies, and the rest are females and males," Bass said. 

Last week, she got bad news.

Her landlord gave her until June 19 to get rid of the majority of them.

"The animal shelter here so if they came out they would put them down. I've called PETA, I've called the Humane Society, I've called the game warden, I've called everybody," Bass said. 

Dr. Kelley Kays at Dowlen Road Veterinary Center said this is more common than you may think. 

"Lots of people want to help with cats. So they start to feed the stray outside they don't want it to be hungry," Kays said. 

Kays said there's nothing wrong with taking cats in, but make sure you get them fixed if you're going to keep them. 

"That's the number one thing that everybody needs to do, is spay the females for sure, and neuter the males," Kays said. 

Bass started a GoFundMe account to raise money to help her spay or neuter the 26 cats.

Kays has offered to fix the cats at a discounted price if they are able to raise the money. Bass knows she's running out of time. 

"That's what I'm looking at having to do, put these cats down, and I don't want that. Please if y'all could donate anything, because this will go get them fixed," Bass said. 

The Humane Society of Southeast Texas told 12News it is currently at full capacity.