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Should you eat there? | New grading system coming to Beaumont restaurants

“Similar to if you were in school. A, B, C, D, or immediate closure."

BEAUMONT, Texas — Beaumont restaurants will soon see a big change in how they are graded, and city officials feel those keeping things clean have nothing to fear.

Posted inspection reports will have letter and number grades rather than rankings of superior, above-average or average. The letter will range from an "A” to a “D,” and the number will go up to 100.

The City of Beaumont will require the new grades to be posted at the front door.

“Similar to if you were in school,” Kenneth Coleman, Beaumont Public Health Director, said. “A, B, C, D, or immediate closure."

Experts believe this will give consumers a better idea of a restaurant’s cleanliness and may even force some owners to get their kitchens in order. The change comes after an update to the FDA’s food code in 2022. Coleman hopes consumers appreciate the new rules.

"You have a right to know that the establishment is following all the necessary procedures, to ensure that what you're consuming is safe,” Coleman said.

Jason’s Deli on Dowlen received a rating and did well. Elaine Broussard, a Beaumont resident, said she eats at the deli because she knows what to expect.

“Who doesn't lov e to come to a clean restaurant,” Broussard said. “I want it clean every time I come, and that's what Jason's Deli is."

Based on a previous health inspection, Jason’s Deli is in superior condition. Jason’s received a 95 after an inspection in 2022.

"The most important thing is the temperature, the time and temperature of the food,” Kenneth Coleman, Beaumont Public Health Director, said.

The restaurant’s inspection will soon be more specific. Instead of a word, the deli will be graded with a letter and a number.

City officials feel restaurants that are staying clean have nothing to be afraid of, while others will be forced to get their establishments in order. 

“Once you walk in, the report is there,” Coleman said. “You will be able to see it. It will be in view.”

Restaurants are inspected biannually. The new report cards will go up after the next inspection, so residents are expected to notice the change gradually around the city.

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