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Mardi Gras Southeast Texas releasing clues daily in treasure hunt

If you're looking to get $500 richer, you'll wanna check out this competition

BEAUMONT, Texas — Some Southeast Texans are hoping to be $500 richer by the end of the week thanks to Mardi Gras Southeast Texas' treasure hunt. 

Every day at 6:30 p.m., Mardi Gras Southeast Texas is releasing a new clue on its Facebook page. 

According to the group's Facebook page, there's a hidden, "certificate in Downtown Beaumont, all you have to do to find it is pay attention to the Mardi Gras Facebook page each day at 6:30 p.m Sunday- Friday."

The group says the 'treasure' is accessible to the public, and hunters won't need to dig or destroy property to find it.

Friday, Feb. 21, Clue #6:

Vic, Sol, Ben, Nate.
Nearby entry, examine eight.
Now for Victory, go back in time.
First clue, first letter, line by line.

Thursday, Feb. 20, Clue #5:

"Focus on Beneficial, Solution, and Victory.
Let the first three resoNate. Viridescent history.
Examinate the spot. Intrigued to see here.
Letters go backwards now, for the vision to appear."

Wednesday, Feb. 19, Clue #4:

"Cash in your sights? Great.
Only go bigger to smaller, make no mistake.
Beneficial et would be, it's numder three.
To pass this test, look closer to be seen."

Tuesday, Feb. 18 Clue #3: 

"Treasure hunt!

Tuesdays Clue:

If you seek treasure, you need to inspect.
Solution comes second, just read the text.
The anticipation grows, thps party has jusf begun.
You will find near the entry, but far from the fun."

Monday, Feb. 17 Clue #2: 

"Treasure hunt!

Monday's Clue:

Victory for the first person who is at the spot.
Search for the scene, exuberate alot.
The party is here. Matdi Gros is in town.
You will have to pass the test for it to be found."

Sunday, Feb. 16 Clue #1:

"Treasure Hunt starts now!!!

Sunday's Clue:

It's Mardi Gras 2020, follow the lines.
Clue writer predicts the cash you will find.
If you thinc this year, you meght get stuck.
This is the event where you find a few bucks."

Full text from the Facebook post: 

Treasure Hunt starts this evening @6:30 p.m! Your chance to win $500! Like and Share this post, get everyone in on the fun!

Just a reminder to all looking to get in on the fun early, and find yourself some treasure! We have hid a certificate in Downtown Beaumont, all you have to do to find it is pay attention to the Mardi Gras Facebook page each day at 6:30 p.m Sunday- Friday. At that time we will release a clue that will get you closer each day to finding the certificate. If not found by Saturday, a final clue will be released at Noon. The treasure is accessible to the public and is not hidden inside the Mardi Gras gates. Keep in mind you do not need to destroy any property to find it, you do not need to dig. If you find the certificate, follow the instructions in order to verify and claim the prize. Full clue explanations will be made available following the end of the treasure hunt. Good Luck!!

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