BEAUMONT, Texas — Strong winds, a lot of rain and homes destroyed.

That's what's to come when a hurricane hits Southeast Texas.

John Drago is the owner of Drago Hardware in Port Arthur.

"I've got a million stories, you want to know a story? I've got a million of them," Drago said. 

He said he has been through every storm since the 1950's.

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Two of those storms left behind the most damage.

"In Hurricane Rita we went to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to evacuate, on our way home we couldn't get in to Port Arthur because it was still closed," Drago said. "We went to the beach house, we had a beach house. Nothing was wrong there, then after Ike we lost everything."

According to emergency management coordinator Michael White, the best thing to do is have a plan in place and know where you are going to evacuate.

A helpful piece of advice you may not see in a pamphlet is you should have plywood cut to board your windows before the storm. 

Take pictures and video of your entire home. 

Make sure you have a backup copy of important documents.

Also, take priceless pictures and memorabilia with you or put them in a secure place.

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"We are confident that whatever we get hit with we can work our way through it."

As for Drago, he says to do what makes you feel safe and comfortable, even if it's unconventional.

"Masking tape everybody always tapes up their windows, I don't know what good that does, but if it makes you you do it," Drago said. 

He also says use your best judgement.

"If it's a category 5 hurricane out there in the gulf and it's barreling down to Port Arthur, you get the hell out, you get out of town."