BEAUMONT, Texas — Before this season started the addition of Beaumont United into North Shore and West Brook's basketball district had everyone anticipating an amazing slate of winter games on the court.

We'll soon be able to judge the high expectations.

The Mustangs (20-1, 4-0) are the favorites in 21-6A but by next Wednesday they could be sitting in third place if the West Brook Bruins and Timberwolves settle business Friday and Tuesday.

West Brook (16-6, 4-0) has already played United, a 57-54 victory for coach Andre Boutee's and his consistent full-court pressure.

The Bruins get the first crack at the Mustangs this Friday night in Galena Park, and a chance to make a potentially short "outright first place" claim.

Should North Shore win, they'll defend first place in Beaumont the following Tuesday when they play United (14-6, 3-1) for the first time.

The story line in that game will be Timberwolves' coach David Green taking on his former team for the first time since he resurrected the program in 2011 and eventually turned them into a state championship school in just three seasons.

It's an incredible time to be a high school basketball fan in Beaumont. You can bet we'll bring you all of the results on 409 Sports in the next week.