BEAUMONT, Texas — One Beaumont mother has been receiving mysterious packages from Amazon that she didn't order or pay for. This is something that has been happening to others across the United States.

Crystal Caldron says the packages are filled with random items such as a bundle of iPhone chargers, BBQ grill cleaner, tobacco papers and a cat toothbrush.

Caldron is curious where the packages are coming from but more than that she is feeling uneasy.

“Knowing the sheer fact that someone has all my information. My address, my name, my husband's name. You never know what someone could be up to,” Caldron said.

So far Caldron says she has received 10 packages. She said she has reached out to Amazon, the Beaumont Police Department and the FBI but has not received the answers she is looking for.

“No one can really help me because there's no return address on here. No return order form. So none of it can be returned or tracked,” Caldron said. “I just want to protect my children.”