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Vidor woman recounts moments before her boyfriends shooting death

A woman is grieving after her boyfriend was shot to death in Vidor on Friday.

A woman is grieving after her boyfriend was shot to death in Vidor on Friday.

“I wanted to do something to help him and I wanted the ambulance to hurry up and get there but it seemed like it took forever” said Deanna White.

The Vidor Police Department said 38-year-old Chris Nicolasora was shot to death on the 1300 block of First Street.

Chief Rod Carroll says the landlord, identified as James Adrian McClelland, 68, of Vidor, is charged with murdering his tenant, 38-year-old Chris Nicolasora.

Chief Rod Carroll tells 12News an officer happened to be patrolling another area about 20 yards away from the house when he heard a pop. He looked toward the house and saw a man run out of the house and collapse on the front lawn.

White lived with Nicolasora in a trailer next door to McClelland for two weeks. She said she was surprised when she heard the gun shots from inside the trailer

“Chris came out the front door and ran to me and said he got shot and fell to my feet and I kept yelling stay with me stay with me,” said White.

White said she has been dating Nicolasora for three years. She explained to 12news that Nicolasora was Filipino and lived a difficult life after he suffered from a diabetic coma a few years ago. After the coma he lost everything and became homeless, it wasn’t until recently that he was starting to make ends meet.

"We finally has our own place, just fixing it up and we were working on it," said White. "He was working hard."

At first, the couple thought they were lucky when they met their landlord because he was friendly.

"He was saying how much he loved Chris and the Filipino People and how he was going to be a father figure and teach him how to do things," said White.

On Friday, White said her boyfriend decided to check on McClelland because he thought he was drunk. After that she heard a gun shots and saw her boyfriend fall on the ground.

"I'm mad at him he killed my best friend and good person and hurt a lot of people for no reason," said White.

White said she hopes he gets justice and says she will never forget the love of her life

"I'd tell him I love him and I always love him and I hope I see him someday," said White.

Carroll said McClelland posted a $100,000 bond Saturday and has been released from custody. Police did not confirm if McClelland was under the influence during the time of the shooting.

A memorial service will take place at the Northwest Baptist church on Filmore Street.

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