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Video captures terrifying wreck as Jeep misses curve goes airborne into Beaumont front yard

The driver of the jeep was taken to the hospital early Sunday morning but his condition was not released.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Surveillance video captured a Jeep flying through the air before landing on a parked car and ejecting the driver in a Beaumont front yard early Sunday morning.

The homeowner, Ronald White, told 12News it appeared the Jeep missed the curve near his home on North Major drive around 2 a.m. Sunday before landing on top of his son’s parked car in the family’s driveway.

When White went outside after the crash he found the two battered vehicles with the Jeep inches from his home.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing, he told 12News on Monday saying if the Jeep hadn’t come to a stop it could have ended up inside his home.

"Every driving student in the world should have to watch that video. When you see the guy ejected from the jeep at the end, it really is a miracle that he did not die,” White said.

The driver of the jeep was taken to the hospital but his condition was not released.

Despite the damage White says he's grateful things didn't take a deadly turn.

"Things can be replaced people can't so I'm happy that the guy survived and that nobody else was hurt, he said.

White's surveillance cameras captured the terrifying moments of the  car crash in his front yard.

"That could have so easily been another car that he hit. There are two other houses down the road that he could have plowed into the side of their house before he ever got to mine. It so easily could have turned out far worse than it did,” White told 12News

12News is awaiting the results of a police report from the Beaumont Police Department to find out if the driver will face any charges.

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