ORANGE COUNTY, Texas — With children at home, parents are having to learn how to teach their children. There are some teachers who are helping parents out.

Empty halls and classrooms are the new views at schools across southeast Texas, but the learning hasn't stopped.

"We are a Microsoft school, so all of our students and teachers have access to Office 365, which is all online," said Melanie Claybar.

Claybar is a high school english teacher at Little Cypress-Mauriceville.
She said not having students in class has been a challenge, but they're doing whatever they can to keep educating, including online learning.

Jessica Ridout is in the 8th grade. She never expected schools across the nation to close.

"Kind of scary at first. I had heard schools were shutting down, but I didn’t think it would happen to our school, and then when it did, it was kind of shocking," Ridout said.

She attends Little Cypress Junior High, and says she's getting used to online learning. "You get to work at your own pace and do things when you want," Ridout said.

But what about those who don't have internet access? "We are providing paper lessons for the students who don't have internet access," Claybar said.

Schools have set up specific times for students to pick up the packets, so everyone won’t come at once. Claybar understands not all parents are certified teachers, but she suggests a few of things to do.

  1. Youtube has several learning channels parents can use to show their kids how to do certain learning materials
  2. Check online learning sites like Scholastic or A-B-C Mouse
  3. Contact your child's teacher and see what steps y’all can take together

Additional learning sites:

"Whether it's in person or even a phone call, I know I’d be happy, and any of these teachers would be happy to help how they can," Claybar said.

Parents and students can call your school's administration office for more information or help.

"If you are having trouble, tell your teachers, if you are not learning as well as you would in a physical classroom, communicate that. Communication is key here, I think," Ridout said.

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