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Residents in Orange County focus on re-building after extensive tornado damage

Residents on Atkinson Circle describe the fast-moving winds as so powerful it destroyed homes in a matter of seconds.

ORANGE COUNTY, Texas — The morning after a line of severe storms pushed through Southeast Texas leaving a path of damage, many woke up to no power and the task of cleaning up.

National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Orange County Tuesday. A NWS representative tells 12News it could've possibly been more than one tornado. The rep won't know the scale of the tornado or MPH until he returns to the area Thursday morning.

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Atkinson Circle in Orange County was one of the areas hit hard by Tuesday's tornado, leaving neighbors the responsibility of cleaning up and re-building. 

Residents describe the fast-moving winds as so powerful it destroyed homes in a matter of seconds.

"We walked out here and saw that there was no garage door, it was inside. I looked up and the roof was gone. I said 'uh, oh'," The Stone's said.

The Stone family is thankful for what they have left behind.

"We got water, we got electricity, we have all the important things. So we will get through this one day at a time," Marshall Stone said. 

Orange County Sheriffs Department Captain Joey Jacobs says Tuesday night was intense and his team responded to many calls for help.

Now in the aftermath of the storm, he is proud of the community working together.

"The really great thing about our county is that, neighbors helping neighbors when we got out here we had citizens clearing the roadways for emergency vehicles to respond," he said. 

At this point, there are no reported fatalities, according to Jacobs.  

"There are some individuals who received some lacerations from flying debris and falling debris. We ask that people be mindful with some of these power lines, that could be still be energized," Jacob said. 

Those who sustained any storm-related damage are encouraged to go to the Texas Division of Emergency Management website and fill out the iSTAT damage assessment.

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