PORT ARTHUR — Homeowners in Port Arthur say they don't know how they're going to pay for some unusually high water bills.

Last week, some residents received bills ranging between $600-$27000.

Dozens of people flooded city hall Wednesday seeking answers.

Jacqueline Guillory received a $627.98 water bill and asks "Where is all this money going to or what will it be used for?"

"How can they collect this kind of thing if it's been happening all year?," questions Sandra Boudreaux received a $1,271.42 water bill. "Some justice needs to be done about this, this is not right."

Customers told 12News they thought the bills they had been paying all year covered water..

However, staff at the city's Customer Service Division told residents it only covered garbage and sewer fees, according to homeowners.

Guillory says "I hate to see anybody myself or anybody else go through this for another year and then have to come up with $800 or more."

Boudreaux and her husband thought maybe there was a leak near their home which would explain the sudden increase.

Yet, they can't remember the last time someone came even out to read their meter.

Boudreaux says "They want to fine us $1,271 which is not right if you've been paying the bill every month."

The Port Arthur Director of Utilities Hani Tohme released a statement saying "The city of Port Arthur Customer Service Division staff members are evaluating the citizen concerns with billing....Staff is working diligently to eliminate all problems and provide superior customer service."

Coming up with the money could be troublesome for people like Boudreaux who live on a fixed income.

The Port Arthur Customer Service Division plans to provide a report of these bills to city council on January 8th.

Guillory says "I hope whatever the problem is with the city, it is rectified."