The Southeast Texas school district superintendent whose gun was found by a student after she left it in a school district van remains on administrative leave and the district will not comment on any possible disciplinary action.

High Island ISD superintendent D'Ann Vonderau was placed on administrative following a May 19, 2017, board meeting on the incident.

High Island acting superintendent Amanda Jackson released a statement to the media on the incident on Wednesday saying that the board is "extremely troubled" by the incident and is continuing to work to resolve the matter.

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Citing employee privacy rights Jackson said in the statement that she could not comment on an possible disciplinary action adding that the end of the school year is very busy and the district is working on end of the year activities and focusing on student achievements.

Vonderau traveled to West Hardin CCISD in Saratoga along with other district employees on May 1, 2017, for a meeting according to a statement on the incident she released on May 19, 2017.

When Vondreau arrived she left her handgun locked in the van and went to the meeting because the West Hardin district does not allow guns on its campuses according to the statement.

The parking lots at campuses in the West Hardin CCISD are considered to be part of the campus and guns are not allowed in cars parked on campus according to the West Hardin CCISD superintendent's office.

When Vonderau returned to High Island she left the hand gun in the van where it was found by a High Island student-athlete the next time the van was used for an athletic event she said in the statement.

A coach secured the handgun and returned it to Vonderau at the event as she was in attendance at the event her statement said.

Vonderau notified High Island School Board president Benny Barrow about the incident the next day the statement said.

Vonderau said in the statement she holds a state license to carry and has previously been authorized by the board to carry a concealed handgun adding that it had never been drawn or discharged during her duties as superintendent.

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