BEAUMONT — 12News anchor, Tracy Kennick, introduced us to a group of siblings who pray for a place that they can one day call home.

The siblings are just a couple years apart and all have very different personalities but they share one important priority, finding a home and parents they can call their own.

Brothers 9-year-old Ausencio and 8-year-old Lalo love to share a good joke. Like many young boys their age they enjoy playing video games and laser tag. They are happy even though their situation isn't ideal.

The boys live at Buckner Children's Home along with their older siblings, 10-year-old Alyysia and 13-year-old Angel.

The younger boys seemed to be more outgoing and less affected by their situation.

Their older sister was much more reflective and quiet. She had a sweet disposition but never showed too much emotion.

The oldest brother, Angel, just reached his teenage years.

He was a bit distant and even seemed a bit angry with how things are going in his life.

Case workers believe it's best for these children to be placed in a home together and the youngest three agree.

Angel said he doesn't really want to live with his siblings going forward. He even went so far as to say there was no way for him to be happy as long as they are around.

It may be hard for some to understand the pain and sadness that children in these types of situations experience but there's no doubt that loving parents, who are checked in to their individual needs and ready to stay for the long haul, is exactly what they all need and deserve.

Ausencio and Lalo say that they attend church a lot and turn to prayer to get them through hard times.

From an NFL player to a Marine to a Navy Seal and a Firefighter, they all have lofty goals that they are more than ready to begin sharing with a loving family.

If you think you can provide these four young siblings with their forever home... contact Child Protective Services at (409) 960-8209.

You can also go to ADOPTCHILDREN.ORG to see all the children awaiting adoption across the state.