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Lawsuit details: 23 women sue Deshaun Watson; one case dropped

The women’s allegations range from exposure to sexual assault while massaging the Houston Texans quarterback over the last year, beginning in March of 2020.

HOUSTON — Deshawn Watson faces lawsuits from 23 women with allegations ranging from exposure to sexual assault during massage sessions dating back to March 2020.

One lawsuit was dropped on April 14 due to "privacy and security concerns" after a judge ordered attorney Tony Buzbee to release all of the accusers' names.

All but one of the remaining lawsuits have been refiled with the names. KHOU11 is not releasing them.

Ashley Solis, the first woman to sue the Houston Texans quarterback, was also the first who chose to go public with her story. She said Watson sexually harassed her during a massage session at her home on March 30, 2020.  

"It has taken me a long time to get to this point to come out publicly and speak my truth. I was afraid. I’m not afraid anymore," Solis said in a news conference.

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Lauren Baxley, the second accuser to go public, wrote a letter to Watson expressing the trauma she said she experienced. 

"I am heartbroken for your family, for your loved ones, for those coming to terms with the fact that your charitable work and good-guy persona are nothing more than a meticulously designed façade to keep your victims silent," Baxley said in the letter.

Houston police are investigating at least one case after the alleged victim filed a report last week. They haven't said which case.

No criminal charges have been filed as of April 6.

Buzbee vs. Hardin

Tony Buzbee represents the women, most of whom are massage therapists who advertised on Instagram.

Many of the women said they suffered emotional distress after the incidents, including anxiety and panic attacks, according to the lawsuits.

Watson called the first lawsuit “baseless” but hasn’t responded to the others.  

According to attorney Rusty Hardin, Watson had sexual encounters with some massage therapists but they were all consensual. 

On March 31, Hardin released 18 statements from massage therapists who say they have massaged Watson and he was always "professional" and "polite." 

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Here's what we know about each case.

Editor's note: KHOU11 is only naming the women who have chosen to share their stories publicly.

WARNING: Contains graphic details

Ashley Solis - Case No. 15324

The first lawsuit by Ashley Solis accuses Watson of civil assault during a massage at her home last March.

According to the lawsuit, Watson repeatedly asked her to focus on his groin area. She said he “purposely” exposed himself and “purposely” touched her with his penis.

Solis said she abruptly ended the massage and Watson later apologized.

Jane Doe #2 - Case No. 15536

The woman is a massage therapist in Atlanta who said Watson contacted her on Instagram last August and agreed to pay for her flight to Houston. 

They met at the Houstonian Hotel where he had a suite. The lawsuit alleges Watson was fully exposed and refused to cover his genital area with a towel. 

She said he repeatedly encouraged her to massage there and in other inappropriate areas and touched her with his penis.

The woman said Watson only paid half of what she was owed and later contacted her about getting a massage in Atlanta, but she didn’t respond.

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Jane Doe #3 - Case No. 15613

The third lawsuit filed alleges sexual assault during a massage at a Houston office building in December 2020.

The woman said Watson "aggressively dictated" what he wanted and made it clear that he was a professional football player who could help or hurt her career.

She accused Watson of asking her to massage his genitals, then forcing her to perform oral sex.

According to the lawsuit, she felt intimidated and threatened and was afraid of what would happen if she resisted.

The woman said she blacked out from fear and now suffers from panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

Jane Doe #4 - Case No. 15937

The lawsuit says Watson initially contacted the licensed esthetician’s boss, asked for a photo of the plaintiff and asked if he could give the plaintiff a massage.

During the first appointment in September, the woman said Watson became aroused and asked her what she was going to do about it.

She said she was afraid to complain because she didn’t want to risk her job or career.

During the next appointment in October, the woman said Watson told her she was wearing too many clothes, tried to kiss her and tried to put his penis in her hand.

She said she cut the session short and Watson became angry and left.

Jane Doe #5 - Case No. 15938

The massage therapist said Watson was respectful at the beginning of the massage in October 2020.

But she said he began moving in a “provocative manner” and exposed himself.

When Watson arrived for a second massage in November, she said he caught her off guard and kissed her, then asked her to focus on his buttocks and penis area.

She refused but said he moved in a way that his penis touched her hand.

The civil assault lawsuit alleges he offered to pay extra for a massage in that area and she refused, so he got angry and left.

Jane Doe #6 - Case No. 15943

This massage took place in September 2020 at a Houston salon where the woman rents a room, according to the civil assault lawsuit.

The woman alleges Watson asked if he could be naked and if it was OK if he became aroused, but she told him to cover himself.

She said he “continued to move his body in a way that would cause his penis to repeatedly touch the plaintiff’s hand.”

The woman said she was shocked and moved away, and then Watson ejaculated while lying on his back.

She said she stopped the session and left the room.

Lauren Baxley -- Case No. 15940

Jane Doe #7 is Lauren Baxley, who went public via a letter to Watson read by a member of Buzbee's team during a news conference.

The woman, who said she’s massaged several professional athletes in the past, said Watson contacted her through Instagram last June.

She said he told her “I make a lot of massage therapists uncomfortable and it’s really hard for me to find someone who will meet my needs.”

The lawsuit alleges Watson kept knocking his towel off, exposed himself and touched her with his penis. 

"Watson laughingly told the plaintiff she could move his penis," the suit states.

She said she felt “trapped, angry and dirty" and has suffered from panic attacks, anxiety, depression and difficulty sleeping.

Jane Doe #8 - Case No. 16298

The lawsuit by aa spa worker training to become a licensed massage therapist accuses Watson of sexual assault.

In June 2020, the woman was asked to meet Watson at a hotel after he arranged an appointment through her spa manager, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims he groped the woman's vagina and buttocks and touched her with his penis. 

She said he suddenly left without paying full price and told her manager “she had not given [Watson] what he wanted.”

In August, she said she got a direct message from Watson on Instagram requesting a massage, but didn't realize it was the same man from the hotel.

She recognized him when he arrived, and told him his behavior had been inappropriate and Watson apologized, the lawsuit states. He said “he had never been rejected by a woman before.”

She told Watson she is a lesbian, according to the lawsuit, but he forced her to perform oral sex saying "there is a first time for everything." The woman said he then masturbated in front of her.

She said she was humiliated and scared and is currently receiving psychiatric counseling.

Jane Doe #9 - Case No. 16301

In early Marchof 2021, Watson reached out to a licensed massage therapist who runs her own practice in Georgia, according to the lawsuit.

It alleges Watson inquired about a $55 promotion the woman was advertising on Instagram and requested she meet him at a location in Atlanta, but inevitably the appointment was held at her private business suite in Buckhead, Georgia. 

During the session, the lawsuit said Watson asked her to massage his groin and testicles, exposed himself and put his penis in her hand. When she moved away, he paid her and left. 

Jane Doe #10 - Case No. 16370

The woman, who is a licensed esthetician and owns a skincare business in Houston, claims she got a direct message on Instagram from Watson in mid-April 2020.

Some point into the massage, the lawsuit alleges Watson repeatedly touched her with his penis and then ejaculated. 

The lawsuit said the woman reluctantly followed Watson's instructions.

She was left "confused and mortified" and later confided in her mother about the incident, according to the lawsuit.

Jane Doe #11 - Case No. 16372

In late January of 2021, Watson allegedly reached out to the owner of a massage business requesting services. 

The woman said Watson exposed himself even after she made it clear that this was strictly a professional massage.

According to the lawsuit, Watson touched her with his penis and said "Oh that felt good. Can you do that again?"

She declined and he said "I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do," the lawsuit says.

The client said he incident left her with deep emotional trauma and has impacted her marriage.

Jane Doe #12 - Case No. 16420

The woman, who is a professional massage therapist that offers mobile services, got a direct message from Watson on Instagram in July 2020, according to court documents. 

The lawsuit alleges they eventually agreed to meet at a Houston hotel on the afternoon of August 2, 2020.

Court documents said Watson kept asking if he could remove his towel, but the woman told him no. Soon, according to the lawsuit, Watson began demonstrating "aggressive behavior" and demanded the woman touch him in a sexually inappropriate manner.

At one point, the lawsuit alleges the woman went to the bathroom and Watson was completely naked when she returned. He allegedly asked if she would be willing to "do more" for extra money. 

According to the lawsuit, when the woman declined, Watson was angered and told her to leave.

Jane Doe #13 - Case No. 16424

April 14 update: This lawsuit was dropped "for now," citing "privacy and security concerns."

Court documents said the woman normally offers professional cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening and detoxing. 

In July 2020, Watson contacted her on Instagram and scheduled a massage at her home.

According to the lawsuit, Watson requested "she wear something comfortable that she likes to wear around the house."

During the session, according to court documents, Watson asked the woman to massage his groin and private area. It also alleges the player touched himself inappropriately and then ejaculated on the woman. He then left the house.

Immediately afterward, the lawsuit said the woman called a friend and told her what happened. It said the woman felt "violated, disgusted and ashamed."

Jane Doe #14 - Case No. 16650

A Los Angeles massage therapist, who has several years of experience working with professional football players and high-profile athletes, also is accusing Watson of sexual misconduct.

According to the lawsuit, Watson sent the woman a direct message on Instagram inquiring about her services in July 2020. The NFL star reached out complaining of back pain and they arranged to meet at a house in Beverly Hills, the lawsuit said.

During the session, the lawsuit alleges Watson brought the therapist to a room and locked the door behind them, prompting her to grab her mace. She claims Watson “chuckled” and the session proceeded seemingly as normal until she returned from the bathroom.

That’s when, according to the document, Watson become aggressive in his request and instructed her to touch him in sexually inappropriate areas. He is also accused of exposing himself during the session.

The lawsuit claims Watson told the woman not to talk about the appointment, which she considered a threat.

Watson is accused of reaching out to the same woman again in December 2020 about scheduling another appointment in Chicago, but she didn’t respond.

Jane Doe #15 - Case No. 16903

April 14 update: This woman is the only one of the 21 remaining lawsuits whose name wasn't made public by attorney Tony Buzbee. 

According to this lawsuit, Watson requested a massage from the plaintiff in May 2020.

The massage was scheduled to take place at his house and he told her to come to the session dressed in "casually relaxing attire" and also that "you don't have to be full professional," according to the lawsuit.

During the session, Watson exposed himself and ejaculated on the woman, the lawsuit claims.

According to the lawsuit the woman "felt violated and disgusted and felt as though she was trapped in some weird nightmare" after the incident.

The lawsuit goes on to claim that Watson texted her the same day and asked if she was OK and also repeatedly reached out asking to book her again. She says she either ignored or rejected the requests.

Jane Doe #16 - Case No. 16919

In October of last year, a woman who is licensed in body contouring and skin tightening and works for a spa in Houston said she was assigned to perform a massage on Watson in October.

She said she declined to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the meeting.

According to the lawsuit, once he showed up for the appointment, Watson immediately got naked and laid face-down on the table.

During the massage, the woman said Watson asked her to touch him in inappropriate places and when she declined, she said she quickly finished the massage.

She said Watson only paid one-third of what he owed. The woman says she believes Watson is in the sex trade, according to the lawsuit.

Jane Doe #17 - Case No. 18045

The flight attendant said she was a massage therapy student when Watson contacted her.

She said he wanted a massage at a hotel and she refused because they have mutual friends and she didn't want it to "look fishy." She said she ignored multiple messages from him until he contacted her best friend, who encouraged her to do the massage.

The woman said Watson drove to her mother's house in Pearland for the first massage in November 2020. According to the lawsuits, he asked her to sign an NDA, then wanted her to massage areas she wasn't comfortable with. 

During a second massage on November 10, his small towel kept coming off and "he kept aggressively moving his penis toward the plaintiff's hand." She said he ejaculated on her. 

The woman said she ignored multiple texts and phone calls asking for another massage.

Jane Doe #18 - Case No. 18047

A mutual friend referred Watson to this massage therapist who went to his house for the first appointment, according to the lawsuit. 

She said Watson's penis was exposed and it touched her hand several times. She gave him "the benefit of the doubt" and agreed to another appointment. 

During that appointment, she said Watson asked her to massage between his penis and testicles but she refused. The lawsuit states his penis again touched her hand several times.

After the same thing happened during a third massage, according to the lawsuit,  the woman said she realized Watson "wanted sex " fired him as a client. She said she felt violated, disgusted and used," and told her husband Watson just "wanted a happy ending."

Jane Doe #19 - Case No. 18074

During a massage in October 2020, the woman said Watson told her he would pay extra money if she used her hands between his legs. He told her "don't worry, no one will know," the lawsuit states.

The woman said Watson repeatedly touched her with his exposed penis before grabbing her hand and putting it on his penis. She pulled back and told him "no," according to the suit.

This lawsuit also accuses Watson of contacting some women in an attempt to settle lawsuits and of deleting his Instagram messages. 

Hardin denied both allegations.

Jane Doe #20 - Case No. 18777

The licensed massage therapist in Scottsdale, Arizona said a friend referred Watson to her. During a massage on July 7, 2020, the woman said Watson asked her to "penetrate his anus with her fingers and to massage him there."

She is suing for intentional inflection of emotional distress.

Jane Doe #21 Case No. 18794

The woman, who says Watson contacted her via SnapChat, said she had four massage sessions with him between July and September 2020.

She said Watson was completely naked and refused to cover himself. For the second massage, he told her to wear a sports bra and sports shorts but she refused, according to the lawsuit. She said he touched her with his penis and asked her to "massage the area around his anus." 

During the third massage, the suit alleges Watson became aroused, "moved his penis onto her hand" and ejaculated.

The fourth time, the woman said Watson told her to massage his penis before he "coerced her to perform oral sex."

Jane Doe #22 Case No. 19642

The woman said she told Watson she wasn't a licensed massage therapist but he booked the appointment anyway on November 9, 2020, according to the lawsuit. She said Watson asked her over the phone how she planned to drape him, and said he didn't want a sheet or blanket. She said she had towels, but he said he would bring his own.

According to the civil assault suit, Watson "grabbed her butt," became erect and grabbed her hand to try to put it on his penis. She said when Watson told her she "could sit on it," she ended the massage. She said Watson made her sign an NDA before paying her $250 through a cash app.

Jane Doe #23 Case No. 22178

According to court documents, the woman is a freelance makeup artist who owns her own makeup business. She said Watson asked her for a massage in September and November 2020, despite her being clear that she was not a licensed massage therapist.

The civil lawsuit states Watson assaulted and harassed the woman by exposing himself, touching her with his penis and groping her.

The lawsuit claims Watson contacted the woman six times or more to book another massage, including requesting a late-night appointment. Watson reportedly booked, canceled or rescheduled a number of times.

Jane Doe #24 

This lawsuit was filed on May 31, 2022. According to the lawsuit, this woman, who has been identified as a professional licensed cosmetologist, was one of the first women contacted by Watson's legal team under the assumption she filed a lawsuit under the name "Jane Doe."

When it was learned that she had not filed a lawsuit, Watson's lawyer attempted to intimidate her into not filing one, court documents read.

The woman said she had no intentions of filing a lawsuit until she watched the HBO Real Sports piece on the Watson's lawsuits. 

"Plantiff was struck by the courage of the victims willing to step forward and speak, and was extremely displeased by Watson and his legal team's mistreatment and revictimization of the Plaintiffs," the lawsuit read.

The document states the woman met with Watson on three occasions at her workplace. During the first scheduled massage, Watson reportedly asked the woman to focus on his groin and buttocks, court documents read. 

During the second massage, Watson allegedly tried to grab the woman on the butt and he also brushed himself against her. He repeatedly asked her if she would do inappropriate things to him which made it the "most uncomfortable experience of her life," the court documents said.

On the third occasion, which the woman did not want to do, Watson got completely naked during the session and refused to cover himself up, the lawsuit read. Court documents said Watson asked her for sex and touched the woman in between her legs. 

Once the session was over, the woman quit her job at the salon. 

Watson’s response 

After Buzbee announced the first lawsuit, Watson responded on Twitter with a written statement. He called Buzbee a “publicity-seeking lawyer” who, before filing suit, “made a baseless six-figure settlement demand," which he says he "quickly rejected."

Watson wrote, “I have never treated any woman with anything other than the utmost respect.”

Buzbee later responded that "this case isn’t about money – It’s about dignity and stopping behavior that should be stopped, NOW!”

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HPD investigation

The Houston Police Department said one woman has filed a complaint with them and the case is being investigated.

Buzbee initially said he was handing over affidavits and evidence the Houston Police Department but later said he changed his mind. He indicated they might be biased because he had criticized Chief Art Acevedo in the past and because Hardin has friends on the command staff.

Acevedo called Buzbee's concerns "baseless" and said they "stand ready to investigate all allegations."

The NFL is also investigating the allegations.

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