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Groves family claims loved one suffered heart attack, died as a result of TPC explosion

Brent Coon & Associated held news conference and emphasized the impact of the explosions within the community.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Editors note: View full video here

A Groves woman is suing TPC Group for the death of her husband, claiming the man suffered a heart attack shortly after the plant exploded in late November. 

Darlene Fontenot, says her husband Trent Fontenot, 53, died just 30 minutes after the explosion at the plant in the early morning hours of November 27.

Brent Coon and Associates is the law firm representing Fontenot and at a press conference Friday, directly implicated TPC in Trent Fontenot's death. They said they will be filing a wrongful death claim on behalf of his family next week. 

The firm says Trent Fontenot and his family woke up to the sound and shaking of the explosion. Their home is in Groves, just two miles from the plant. They say his first concern was for his daughter who lives even closer to the plant.

Attorney Brent Coon told reporters Friday that although Fontenot had a history of heart disease, he was being treated and was expected to live a long life. Attorney John Thomas says the circumstances around the explosion got the best of Trent Fontenot by causing his death.

"This case will be filed next week. We have assisted in retaining a probate attorney for her to initiate the estate process in order to file the suit. We expect some time next week," said Jay Jackson, communication director for BCA. 

Today, Brent Coon & Associates held a press conference in Beaumont, TX. The law firm consists of national experts on plant explosions who are currently undertaking a key leadership role in the investigation and litigation associated to the TPC explosions in Port Arthur.

The firm says the purpose of recapping all the events of the past week was to address the impact of the explosions in the community, the causes of the explosion, and the potential long term health consequences of this disaster.

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