BEAUMONT — It appears there are problems with political signs in Beaumont and some residents have taken to social media to complain with some saying their political signs have been removed from their yards.

As local and statewide races heat up political signs have popped up in yards all over Southeast Texas as many believe they have the right to show support for their favorite candidates.

Teej Rodman lives in Old Town Beaumont. He said there are a lot of signs going missing in the neighborhood.

"I've noticed that some of the signs, not just Beto signs but a couple of Mitch Templeton signs and other candidates, their signs have started kind of disappearing," said Rodman.

He said he can't be sure who's taking them, but the homeowners are quick to replace them after they're gone. Although he's personally not allowed to have a yard sign where he lives, he still displays his support for his favorite candidate in his window. Rodman feels having signs is important to get the word out.

"I do what I can to kind of let my stuff be seen because awareness is the biggest part about it," said Rodman.

Beth Rogers tells 12News someone from her neighborhood's homeowner's association knocked on her door last week and told her that her political sign had to go.

"He said we're not allowed to have political signs in our yard, which I'd never been told that before," said Rogers.

Rogers lives in the Bellechase subdivision off of Delaware Street in the west end of Beaumont.

She says in past years, she's always had signs in her yard, but according to the man who came to her door, they've never been allowed.

Rogers became frustrated and made a post about the issue on Facebook.

"I had a couple of attorney friends actually contact me and say hey there's Texas legislature that says they can't do that, even if it's a homeowner's association that says you can't have any signs in your yard they can't exclude political signs," Rogers told 12News.

The legislation she's referring to part of the Texas Property Code and can be found in Title 11.- Restrictive covenants under Chapter 202 - Construction & Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants.

MORE | Texas Property Code Ch. 202 - Construction & Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants

It says property owners' associations can't keep the homeowner from displaying political signs as long as they follow certain guidelines.

From the Texas Property Code...

Sec. 202.009. REGULATION OF DISPLAY OF POLITICAL SIGNS. (a) Except as otherwise provided by this section, a property owners' association may not enforce or adopt a restrictive covenant that prohibits a property owner from displaying on the owner's property one or more signs advertising a political candidate or ballot item for an election:

(1) on or after the 90th day before the date of the election to which the sign relates; or

(2) before the 10th day after that election date.

(b) This section does not prohibit the enforcement or adoption of a covenant that:

(1) requires a sign to be ground-mounted; or

(2) limits a property owner to displaying only one sign for each candidate or ballot item.

(c) This section does not prohibit the enforcement or adoption of a covenant that prohibits a sign that:

(1) contains roofing material, siding, paving materials, flora, one or more balloons or lights, or any other similar building, landscaping, or nonstandard decorative component;

(2) is attached in any way to plant material, a traffic control device, a light, a trailer, a vehicle, or any other existing structure or object;

(3) includes the painting of architectural surfaces;

(4) threatens the public health or safety;

(5) is larger than four feet by six feet;

(6) violates a law;

(7) contains language, graphics, or any display that would be offensive to the ordinary person; or

(8) is accompanied by music or other sounds or by streamers or is otherwise distracting to motorists.

(d) A property owners' association may remove a sign displayed in violation of a restrictive covenant permitted by this section.