BEAUMONT, Texas — It took nine Beaumont police officers to escort a cursing and angry capital murder suspect to a police car waiting to take him to the Jefferson County jail Thursday morning.

Police say Brandon Julian Jamol Coleman, 26, of Beaumont, kidnapped, bound and sexually assaulted a homeless woman, then dumped her body at Collier’s Ferry Park on Saturday. 

He showed no remorse for the victim, Catherine Jane Dungan, referring to her as, “that bit**h” as officers walked him to a transport unit during a pouring rain Thursday.

“That’s a mother fu**ing lie, man. I’m not the fu**ing killer.” Coleman shouted at 12News when asked why they thought he did it.

12News asked Beaumont Police Officer Carol Riley if police had found family members of the victim. She said it appears Dungan had no family. 

“We’ve talked to a lot of people who have known her for a lot of year," Riley said. "They have been her family."

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Coleman is charged with capital murder. He will be arraigned later this morning at the Jefferson County Jail. A background check of Coleman shows arrests in Jefferson County for charges including unlawfully carrying a weapon, theft, and drug possession.