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Bare shelves at Southeast Texas grocery stores amid supply chain shortages

A Nederland mom of three young kids said she's been struggling to find essential items like baby formula and milk.

BEAUMONT, Texas — If you've been to the grocery store lately, you may have had to pack your patience.

Shoppers are experiencing empty shelves, and some favorite items are missing.

We decided to see for ourselves, what sought-after items are out of stock right now, and are there any substitutes available?

After placing an Instacart order to Kroger, we were able to get most of the items we ordered but they had to substitute Fritos scoops for original Fritos and Lunchables ham and cheddar cheese for the ham and American cheese version.

Megan Mistric, a Nederland mom of three young kids, said she's been struggling to find essential items like baby formula and milk.

"Unfortunately I had to fall back onto the Amazon world and order it to where it comes every other week to our house," Mistric said.

Mistric said she and her family have spent up to half a day just trying to track down items like bread, Lunchables, milk, and other food.

Between this and the prices of certain items like milk going up Mistric said it can be stressful trying to feed her kids.

"We'll start off at our favorite store and end up at other stores that are not my most favorite stores and then you end up spending more money regardless at the end," Mistric said.

Mistric said she's started buying in bulk and thinking outside the box when it comes to groceries turning to pharmacies like Walgreens to find some of her must-have items.

"You just have to search your deals and try to make it work but it is hard to make sure everybody has everything they need,” Mistric said.

Mistric isn't the only mom getting creative when it comes to finding solutions for these shortages.

Other parents tell us they are making their own Lunchables.

And are also shopping for groceries at non-traditional locations like pharmacies and dollar stores.

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