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Title 42 expected to expire Tuesday

After months of legal back and forth, Title 42 could come to an end as early as Tuesday, but that has people concerned for what exactly that means for our borders.

SAN DIEGO — The Biden Administration has targeted December 27 as the end date for Title 42, with two extra days of restrictions in place to allow for adjustment to the shift in policy. However no exact details have been released, which forces San Diego immigration lawyers and experts to start preparations for an influx of migrants.  

“With or without Title 42, migrants will continue coming to the border,” said Victor Clark Alfaro, a professor at SDSU who teaches his border class in Tijuana. 

With no action plan in place and no federal resources given to the U.S. border, San Diego leaders are concerned they will have to fend for themselves.

“What they should've done weeks before December 21 is get ready at the border and send more help to transition many waiting at the border to help come in,” said Immigration Lawyer Jacob Sapochnick. 

Title 42 has allowed border officials to deport some asylum seekers back to their country because of public health concerns brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, but the Supreme Court temporarily stopped title 42’s expiration, last Monday. 

A decision that has been delayed by the Biden Administration until Tuesday.

With so much uncertainty, immigration lawyers say migrants seeking legal help are being affected by the misinformation surrounding Title 42 and are sounding the alarm on those trying to cross. 

“Talks about having some kind of a temporary lift while the legal challenges are being negotiated but it’s very unlikely that at least in my perspective to see that happening because it requires the judges to lift that order and put some sort of temporary release while legal challenges are being taken place,” said Sapochnick. 

While immigration experts on the other side say there continues to be a humanitarian crisis and worry the lives of migrants could be at risk without any action to protect them. 

“They will have to face the Mexican border where more than 1,000 National Guards are waiting for them including the Mexican Migra, gangs, everyone wants to take advantage of all these people,” said Alfaro.

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