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Honoring Savannah "Savi" Roque

With so much publicity on the horrific tragedy, Bridgers said the focus should remain on Savi.

ORANGE, Texas — As a community in mourning gathers in honor of Savannah "Savi" Roque, her out of town relatives join them in spirit. Savi's maternal great aunt, Dennise "Bee" Bridgers is touched by the community's outpouring of love. 

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Bridgers wants the community to know Savi was greatly loved. With so much publicity on the horrific tragedy, Bridgers said the focus should remain on Savi. 

"Ultimately, this is about Savi, and I want to give Savi a voice," said Bridgers. 

Bridgers said when Savi's mother, Rachel, died in a car crash two years ago, their hope was found in Savi. 

"When that happened we just felt that, God at least left us Savi, you know, to have to remember her family," said Bridgers. 

Bridgers said Rachel loved Savi from the moment she was conceived. Like Rachel, Savi was bubbly and loved to dance. 

"She was our one ray of sunshine, our one ray of hope." 

Bridgers said there are no words to describe the pain she feels now. Savi's death has left her family in Miami destroyed. 

"To have this happen, it just brought us to our knees, it's just an indescribable pain."

Bridgers said Savi loved her dad very much. Although she didn't remember her mother, she said she would have known her through her family.

"They're very big picture takers, and well, all we have left now are the pictures and the memories," said Bridgers. 

Bridgers said after a while, she stopped being able to look at the posts and comments, but she's seen the outrage from the people of Orange over what happened. She hopes people remember Savi. 

"Remember what an angel she was and her beautiful smile, you know, he can't take that away from us." 

As the community mourns Savi in Southeast Texas, Bridgers is holding on to hope that Savi's final resting place will be with her mom in Florida. 

"She's got a whole community waiting there with broken hearts, we just want to bring her home," said Bridgers. 

Bridgers has faith in the judicial system of Texas. She leaves justice for Savi in the hands of the judge. 

The next candle light vigil will be held at Riverfront Boardwalk and Pavilion at 5:15 Monday, February 25, 2019.