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Coronavirus puts Beaumont company's infrared cameras in high demand

"We're building these cameras as fast as we can."

BEAUMONT, Texas — Southeast Texas is taking center stage in the fight against the coronavirus as a Beaumont company's infrared cameras are now in high-demand.

Infrared Cameras Incorporated, which has been in around since 1995, makes the cameras which have varied uses including electrical thermography, process control as well as medical uses.

Recently sales for cameras for medical use have spiked in response to the coronavirus according to CEO Gary Strahan.

The sensitive scientific cameras can measure the surface temperatures of people and the readings can help doctors determine how to treat patients according to Strahan.

The company's cameras have also been used in some other high-profile incidents recently he told 12News.

"In the explosion at TPC, our cameras we're used down there. In the explosion at ITC in Houston, our cameras we're used down there," Strahan said. 

Now, the cameras are being used at hospitals and airports all across the world.

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"We're building these cameras as fast as we can. We have millions of purchase orders right now in little Beaumont, Texas. We're building cameras to put them out around the world to stop the spread of the spread of this infectious disease," Strahan said.

There are more than 80,000 cases of the coronavirus worldwide and 59 confirmed cases in the United States, according to the CDC. 

Strahan says his company wants to help the medical community in the fight.

"This is not only a national thing; this is a global thing, and we all got to get on board with doing the right thing and try to get this thing stopped," Strahan told 12News.

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