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Rodair Roadhouse offers free meals to Cajun Navy, first responders

A small act of kindness from a Port Arthur restaurant is going a long way for those helping southeast Texas get back to normal.

PORT ARTHUR, Texas — Normalcy is something very difficult to find in tough situations but The Rodair Roadhouse in Port Arthur is doing something special for helping out with rescues in the wake of Tropical Storm Imelda. 

The family-owned business explained that feeding first responders risking their lives, as well as the Cajun Navy, is the least they could do. 

"It makes me overwhelmed," said assistant general manager Pat Hall. "There was a gentleman last night with the Cajun Navy that hugged me and started crying, which I could easily do right now."

When neighbors need it most, the Rodair Roadhouse is there. Over the last two days, the restaurant has been using its resources to help feed dozens of first responders and volunteers. 

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"It's a comfortable feeling. If you can go into a restaurant that can make you fell like you're at home, and that you're getting a home-cooked meal, and everybody's happy," Hall said. 

It's a small act of kindness that can go a long way for those sacrificing everything in hopes of bringing southeast Texas back to normal. 

"They're reaching out to this community, so this community needs to do it, too," Hall explained. 

Rodair Roadhouse management said they will continue to feed first responders through at least Sunday. 

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