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Gulf Coast Youth Soccer teams with Tom Byer and Houston Dynamo Academy

Soccer Starts at Home uses a unique methodology for parents to instill confidence and focus in their children in the comfort of their home all while developing basic

GROVES, Texas — Children as young as two years old benefit greatly from the stimulation of brain functions and the mastery of basic technical skills will give them a significant advantage once they’re old enough to join league play. Even beginning players ages 6-10 have benefited from the Soccer Starts at Home methodology to learn basic ball mastery skills before entering organized play. 

At its core, the Soccer Starts at Home mindset emphasizes two things: the importance of getting children comfortable with having the ball at their feet as soon as possible, and the vital role that parents play in early childhood development. The development of agility, coordination, balance, and basic movement skills are enhanced through regular ball manipulation with both feet.  

For more information: https://www.houstondynamoacademy.net/