BEAUMONT, Texas — A manual that could be described as a how-to guide to terrorism was presented as evidence in the trial of a man accused of trying to recruit solders for ISIS from inmates at the Beaumont Medium Federal Correctional Institution.

Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed is charged with two counts of attempting to provide material support or resources to designated terrorist organizations; two counts of giving false statements involving international terrorism and solicitation of a violent crime.

A former fellow inmate of Ahmed testified Tuesday that he underwent physical training while in the Beaumont facility, and was given the terrorism manual to hide.  He said he was told he would be tested on the material; and if he did well, would become an ISIS soldier. He also testified that he was given a cell phone and instructed to relay coded messages to an ISIS operative outside of the prison.

The former fellow inmate testified that he was told he would be contacted after he was released from prison. He said the person who contacted him would give him explosives and instructions of where and how to use them.  He said he decided to tell officials about what was happening because his father served in the Marines and fought for rights that Mr. Ahmed wanted to take from people.

The manual described in testimony was displayed on a monitor for the jury.  It included headlines such as “Covert Operations,” “How to conduct an ambush” and listed Christian missionaries as high-priority targets.  The document was very detailed and told readers they should not fear dying.

Testimony is being held before District Judge Marcia A. Crone.

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