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Animal experts share tips on how to keep pets safe during New Year's celebration

The Human Society of Southeast Texas said the loud noise from fireworks can send animals into a frenzy.

BEAUMONT, Texas — While many Americans love to pop fireworks to welcome in the new year, the activity can be stressful and downright dangerous for animals.

Loud fireworks have been known to be stressful and sometimes fatal for pets. Animal experts said the loud noise can send pets into a frenzy, and many dogs and cats tend to run away when faced with fear.

Around New Year’s Eve, the number of calls the Humane Society of Southeast Texas receives about stray animals increases greatly.

“There is a bit of spike in calls asking for assistance to come help with an animal, which unfortunately we are not allowed to do,” Taylor Westphal, Humane Society of Southeast Texas manager, said. “We have no jurisdiction, so you would have to call your local animal control.”

Southeast Texans are encouraged to make sure their furry friends are inside when setting off fireworks. 

“A concern would be that some animals are left outside and not brought inside during these times,” Westphal said. “And with that, the loud noises could cause them to be a little more anxious, and stir a little bit, and that could cause them to get out and be loose, and then become a stray.”

While the pets are inside, Westphal offered a number of ways to keep them calm and safe during the chaos. 

“One of the big things is that you can use a pheromone spray or collar, for dogs, Adaptil, for cats, Feliway, and that can help calm and soothe them,” Westphal said. “Another big thing is to make sure all your animals are inside. You can play calming music, use thunder shirts, anything like that.”

The best thing that a pet owner can do for their furry friend is to stick to a regular routine, if they have one.

“If you have a general schedule you keep with your dogs whether they are inside or outside,” Westphal said. “Maybe bring them in a little bit earlier, feed them earlier. Kind of relax with them, play calming music when they are going to sleep, anything that would help stay calm and relax.”

Just a reminder, setting off fireworks is illegal in city limits. 

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