CONROE, Texas -- Lake Conroe water levels are slowly receding, and the lake reopened to normal activity, the San Jacinto River Authority said Monday.

"Boaters are still urged to use extreme caution due to floating debris and submerged objects that may not be fully visible," the river authority stated in a press release. "During the recent rainfall event, the lake level increased to slightly over 203 feet above mean sea level (msl), which is two feet over the lake’s normal pool level of 201’ msl."

Water authorities say the operation of the dam over the weekend reduced the peak flow that would have otherwise continued down the river, potentially causing more flooding.

On Saturday night the lake was closed because of high lake levels, submerged objects and debris. According to the San Jacinto River authority, the lake was two feet above normal. Authorities warned boaters of floating debris and hazardous materials in the water.

Some area residents were still unable to return home overnight as many of the roads into their neighborhoods were blocked.

Over the next few weeks, authorities will perform a controlled release to get Lake Conroe back to its natural level.

Lake Conroe saw an average of more than 4 inches of rain over the 36 hours leading up to the announcement of the lake’s temporary closure.

You can get more information by visiting the river authority’s website here, or call the constable’s office at 936-856-6329.