As Puerto Rico continues to struggle following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, others are doing everything they can to help.

In Southeast Texas, Darla Redwine found out about a special case about a boy with cancer.

4-year-old Abraham Rodriguez who was left without any medications for his disease after Maria slammed the island two weeks ago.

“They have poor communication. There’s not electricity and no cell phone service and people are actually going by foot knocking doors and checking on people.” Said Redwine.

The mother of eight started asking for help through Facebook, and as word got around, she was able to receive help sooner than she thought.

Through friends and contacts, they managed to book a plane in order to fly Abraham to the states.

“It’s been a shy 24 hours since Kyle shared with me Abraham’s story. I went to Facebook and I made a post my friend Tiffany answered and said hey I think my boyfriend has a plane in Puerto Rico.” Redwine explained.

Not only is Redwine helping from hundreds of miles away, she’s also collecting funds at the Tyler County Fair for Harvey victims by selling Blue Bell Ice Cream.

“It really touches my heart to know that even in America when we feel times are hard, I don’t think we’ve ever experienced that kind of despair as a mother.” She said.

Abraham is expected to land in Baton Rouge on Thursday. From there, they will drive him to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.

Redwine says she will meet Abraham and his mother at the hospital with other supplies.

If you wish to help, contact Darla Redwine at 409-540-8773.