Tropical Storm Humberto continues to become better organized off the coast of Africa. As of 10 a.m. Tuesday, the storm was located at Longitude 14.6N...Latitude 27.7W or about 220 miles W of the southernmost Cape Verde Islands. Winds are at 65 mph and the present movement is to the West-Northwest at 9 mph.

Strengthening is expected to continue. Humberto could possibly become a hurricane within the next 12 hours. If this occurs, September 10th would tie the second latest day in the satellite era for the first hurricane of the season to be recorded. Only 2002 had the first hurricane form later (September 11). Humberto will start moving north-northwest before taking a sharp turn to the west. The only hazard this storm will pose is to shipping interests. A fish storm as we like to call it.