Some Beaumont residents are happy to have restored water service in their homes Friday morning.

Cindy Barnes said she was excited to see a trickle of water coming from her faucet and house off Manion Drive.

"I will take a trickle any day over any day and well get there and it’s getting better," said Barnes.

City Manager Kyle Hayes says City of Beaumont crews and private industries have been working around the clock to restore water service. He said while pressure is low for those customers, the goal is to ramp up pressure as they can. Customers with water can consume it as long as they boil it first.

Emergency management coordinators are looking at options to repair Beaumont’s water system for all customers.

Hayes says Tiger Industry and Dragon Products, both owned by the Crenshaw family, Exxon Mobil, Echo Construction, Drainage District 6, and City of Beaumont employees have all been working together to find a solution.

"If it works, we will continue to use it until we get the other facilities back online," said Hayes. "We have 700 miles of waterline to fill so it is a challenge."

Other residents like Mike Aguilar who lives near Folsom said he still does not have water in his home.

He explains it’s been difficult to live in a house with six people with no water service.

“It’s been about two or three days since I’ve showered,” said Aguilar.

He uses tubs of flood water to flush the toilets but said the water is running out quickly.

“It’s surreal and it’s the best way to describe what is going on,” said Aguilar. “No one was expecting this.”


Beaumont gets water from two sources which are both currently underwater. Beaumont’s main pump station is located along the Neches River near Collier’s ferry park while the other water source is at Loeb Wells in Hardin County.

“As soon as the water goes down we will be in a position to determine the damage and make any necessary repairs,” said Hayes.

Mayor Becky Ames also spoke some words of encouragement for Beaumont residents.

“It's been a horrible and difficult time but Beaumont people pull together and we will do that," said Mayor Ames. “This is not a time of panic but a time of thoughtful preparation for the next step.”

Emergency responders emphasize they are still working on rescue efforts for people stuck in flood waters.

"If you just be patient with us our teams are doing amazing job and we are tackling everything being thrown at us," said Officer Carol Riley with the Beaumont.

Officer Riley said officials are also monitoring dam B. They encourage residents to call 3-1-1 if they need information and to call Damage Assessment and Damage assessment at 409-785-4700.