Many Beaumont residents are struggling to have enough water until pumps are repaired. According to the Beaumont Emergency Management, the city is planning on setting up water stations around Beaumont.

"It's unusual though, I've been here all my life and I've never seen it like this with both pumps out,” said Clarence O’dell, a Beaumont resident.

O'dell was just one of many residents standing in line at local convenience store to buy bottled water after floodwaters knocked out the city's main pump station. At this time, the city doesn’t know how long it will be until the pumps are repaired.

"You can't know until you get to the pumps,” said O”dell. “They’re not going be able to get the parts into the city because of flooded streets.”

Until the pumps are fixed, residents will have to rely on local stores and the city’s distribution of bottled water.

"Get into survival mode and deal with it,” said O’dell. “You can't get stressed out because everyone is going through the same thing.”

Until water distribution locations are set up, people can get free water at the local Red Cross shelter, food bank, and the Beaumont cathedral church.