Jenny Swarers and Dustin Morgan sat inside their Orangefield home on Saturday with their wedding invitation on the table.

Their big day was put on standby again! This time, they blame Harvey. “This is our third attempt and three times was not the charm for us and here we are.” Said Swarers.

The couple was supposed to get married last year in April in Nibletts Bluff, Louisiana. However, their venue was damaged in the catastrophic flooding from the Sabine River.

When they tried the second time, the place was still under reconstruction.

So they decided August 26th would be the day, but Mother Nature had other plans.

“I started getting phone calls and you know, we just don’t feel that it’s safe for us to make it here.” Said Morgan.

They expected 150 guests for their special day. Many friends and family live in the Houston area but started backing out just days before Harvey slammed the Texas coast.

Wedding decorations are still packed in boxes and trays of food for the reception were stacked up in their kitchen.

“At this point we are so stressed you know? We don’t know if we really want to do a whole other wedding, a whole other planning of putting it all together again.” Swarers said.

Despite the disappointment of having to wait longer to say “I do,” the bride and groom said they are committed to keep Mother Nature from striking down their wedding day again.

“Hell or high water, I’m marrying this woman. We’ll make it.” Morgan said.

Swarers and Morgan are planning to get married in Las Vegas but do not have a set date yet.