A levee near a Jefferson County subdivision has been breached flooding the subdivision.

The Gilbert Lake Estates subdivision has been flooded according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

A Jefferson County judge warned residents of western Jefferson County earlier Wednesday that the levee had breached twice in recent days, and that one of them was potentially "catastrophic."

Judge Jeff Branick said the levee at the Gilbert Lake Estates reservoir suffered a minor breach a few days ago, but said a potentially catastrophic breech happened yesterday.

Brannick said the breach will affect residents north and south of Interstate 10 near the Hwy 365 exits.

He says the reservoir covers about 5800 acres north of Interstate 10 near Highway 365.

He says the county is working hard to ensure the integrity of the levee is repairs, but that residents should be monitoring the situation closely.

He said the breach's levees are located in a place that makes it more difficult to repair.