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5 things you need to know about hurricane season in southeast Texas

How KHOU 11 is keeping you weather smart for hurricane season.

HOUSTON — It's been since 2008 with Hurricane Ike that Houston/Galveston had its last taste of a strong hurricane. 

With so many years in between storms, it's easy to forget about hurricane preparedness. In the years following Ike, I was vigilant to make sure my home and family were prepared for the next storm. With each year that passes, it gets harder to stay motivated and ready. With that being said, don't let your guard down!

Having lived through Ike and Hurricane Alicia in 1983, I can personally attest to the dangers that will arise when, not if, the next big storm hits. 

Take the time to get your family ready by watching this series of videos. These draw directly from the lessons learned from past storm threats, so you and your family can stay prepared, safe and weather smart.

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