Orange County was not immune to storms spawned from Harvey. Worsening high water conditions in Vidor put homeowners on edge.

"It's never flooded this bad," said Vidor homeowner Mike Rhodes.

He shares a street with Vidor High and was expecting school traffic Monday. Instead, the steady stream of vehicles pouring in were filled with people hoping to survey the high water spilling across the roadway.

"They don't even live down there," said Rhodes. They're swamping my neighbor's house...and they don't care."

Others in Orange County made up for the perceived lack of consideration. An RV park off Interstate 10 became swamped with water.

Neighbors joined together to salvage as much as possible.

A lot of the mobile home owners were forced to find higher ground overnight. Those without a hitch lost nearly everything.

A nearby church offered a place to park the mobile homes. Some of those set up in the parking lot began praying for a break in the rain.

In neighborhoods across Vidor, more watching and waiting. Water inching closer and closer to doorways prompting homeowners to adjust sandbags.

Throughout Orange County, residents hoping breaks in the rain allow enough time for the water to drain.