Jon Huntsman, Sr., pledged $2 million for Hurricane Harvey relief in the Beaumont area -- with half coming from his family and the other half coming from the Huntsman Foundation.

Additionally, Huntsman on Tuesday urged his suppliers and contractors to match the $2 million donation and help build a fund of at least $4 million. The relief fund, which will be called the Huntsman Flood Fund, will be run through the Beaumont Foundation and will help pay for books, clothing, relief supplies and home reconstruction in southeast Texas, according to Huntsman.

Huntsman is the founder and executive chairman of the Huntsman Corporation which manufacturers specialty chemicals. He launched the business nearly 50 years ago and has been operating in Jefferson County for more than 25 years. The Huntsman Corporation operates nine plants along the Gulf Coast, and all of them were knocked out by Harvey.

"I've been out to our sites this morning to give all of our associates a hug and tell them how much I love them and how grateful I am for them," Huntsman said.

Huntsman previously donated 9.7 million to flood relief for Harvey victims, but until Tuesday, most of the money had gone to the Houston area.