BEAUMONT — A year after Tropical Storm Harvey struck Southeast Texas thousands of families still are not back in their homes.

In Jefferson County, almost 800 households were living in FEMA-funded housing units and trailers while in Orange County the number is more than 600.

A year after the devastating storm Summer Tallina, her husband Chris and their three children are still living in a FEMA trailer on their Lumberton property just feet from their new home is being built.

"We have our slab board and we are waiting on framers, they are very hard to find right now because the whole area was devastated," Summer Tallina told 12News.

Almost 5,000 people, including the Tallina family, were approved for FEMA assistance in the Hardin County area.

They received the three bedroom, one bathroom FEMA trailer in March after their home was declared to be a "total loss."

"Since our home sat under water for seven days, we lost everything we had in there and everything our kids had," Tallina told 12News.

"Five and a half feet, there were some areas that was higher, we had stuff in our yard at our neighbors, three houses down and even our front porch washed away," Chris Tallina said.

More than 1,500 households are living in manufactured housing units and FEMA travel trailers according to a FEMA spokesperson.

"It breaks my heart, we are not the only ones that have lost and its hard going around seeing everyone struggling," says Summer Tallina.

Trailers will be removed by FEMA on Febuary 25, 2019.

It's a deadline that Vidor resident, Randy Allen is also trying to beat.

"I'm working very hard trying to get back into my house," Allen said.

Allen is also living in a FEMA trailer on his property until his home, which had to be gutted after being flooded with five feet of water and the mold that followed can be deemed livable.

"I hope this never happens again in the near future," Allen says.

"We have a place and that what we have to look at and that's the joy," Summer Tallina says referring to a place she says is only temporary.

Tallina says that FEMA has told them that as long as they continue to see improvements on their new home the agency will consider going beyond the Feb 25, 2019 deadline for removing trailers.

"We are helpers and we love to serve people and its hard to give and serve when you lost everything just like them," she says.