ROSE HILL ACRES, Texas — Two years after Tropical Storm Harvey blew through Southeast Texas, many still haven't returned to Rose Hill Acres. 

Dozens of homes in the area appear to be abandoned. 

Cindy Colwell is one of the few people that returned to her neighborhood after the storm.  

Colwell said she was fortunate her home didn't receive any damage from the storm.

"The night before they required everyone to evacuate, my neighbors all came to our house to stay because they all ready had three feet in their house," said Colwell. 

Nearby streets were completely under water, forcing Colwell and others to leave by boat. After two weeks of staying with family, she returned to what was virtually a ghost town. 

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"Some have been gutted, but that's about it," said Colwell. 

At least 13 homes in the neighborhood are abandoned, others being sporadically maintained.

She believes it's become a health concern. 

"There's wet stuff inside the house, molding, and some of the critters are moving next door. So that's a concern," Colwell said. 

Colwell said she prays that people don't lose hope. 

She'd hoped for some of her neighbors to return.