Floodwater made front yards looking like lakes. That’s what residents woke up to Monday morning on 67th Street and Garnet Avenue.

“There’s debris that’s within the water. There’s also the sewage is not working appropriately. So now we are running into an issue of able to get out to go to work to help other.” Said Dee Mosby.

Mosby and her husband, Joel, had water surrounding all around their home.

Down the block from the, sandbags were seen outside doors which is what Blake Nichols used to deal with the high water.

“We got water in the garage. The sewer has backed up already.” Said Nichols.

Other residents telling 12News the water was too close for comfort and now they are afraid of what Harvey can bring next.

“We have never seen this happened. We are really, really, scared.” Said Litzy Vasquez.