Hurricane Maria wiping out electricity to the entire island of Puerto Rico on Wednesday.

Brenice Morcigilo, who lives in Beaumont, is thinking the worse for her family members there. “To my sightings of the news, it’s underwater. Like Puerto Rico is no more.” She said.

Morcigilo last spoke to her aunt early Wednesday morning right before the storm battered the island.

Ever since then, she’s been unable to get in contact with other loved ones.

“We can barely understand what she was saying because the communication was so bad. We spoke for 15 minutes before the phones gave out.” Morcigilo said.

The mother of two watched her native land deal with back to back catastrophes with Hurricane Irma and Maria.

Back here at home, Morcigilo managed to get through Harvey’s floodwaters to help others.

“I went up to the first person who had a boat and I said let’s go!” she explained.

Now Morcigilo wants to do everything she can from Southeast Texas in order to help victims in Puerto Rico. She was already collecting clothing for victims of Hurricane Irma.

“I’m asking for help for my island Puerto Rico. I have a lot of family down there.”

A hurricane hotline has been set up for those trying to reach loved ones in Puerto Rico (877) 976-2400.